Jeev Subramaniam Memorial Educational Trustís
Sungrace Schools (Govt. Recognised)

Over the years, people have said, that teaching is the noblest profession. Noble it definitely is, but has peoples notion remained the same, is questionable. The guru-shishya tradition has evolved over the years, but has it evolved for the good? The word noble means possessing eminence, elevation, dignity. And that is what teaching is all about. When we started off in 1989, we never looked at this as a money making venture. And we say this, not for the sake of saying, but because we truly believed in moulding students lives through quality education.

Like it's said, "Teaching is leaving a vestige of one's self in the development of another." The over exposure to materialistic culture has made our youth westernized thereby our moral values and culture takes a backseat. Every teacher has a different way of approaching the students and different way of dealing with situations and hence appeals to various students in different ways. Since students spend maximum time at school, they obviously are more influenced by their teachers and hence we have a bigger role to play than just teaching them mere texts. At Sungrace we understand that. We try making the student feel at ease and as well as draw a line so as to enforce morals and discipline. Our greatest reward is when a student comes back years later and tells us what he has achieved, when he remembers us in his happiness and success. That little credit we get is enough to make our chests swell with pride.

We revel in the diversity and experience that our teachers bring as we remain rooted in the best traditions of our education practice. For us it's a continuous learning process. We learn, amend, adapt and grow. Although "teaching" is sometimes underrated as a career option or sometimes over exploited as a business avenue, one cannot deny the fact that an able teacher makes a massive impact on a student's life. Teaching is not the most sort after job, currently but it definitely is one of the most respectable and rewarding jobs. I come from a corporate background but what I understood is that if quality education is provided, if the teacher selflessly devotes her time and attention to her students, it works wonders in a student's life. To us at Sungrace, our students are like an investment. We invest our time and energy and knowledge in them for their benefit and for their family's benefits, what sets us apart is that we serve quality education mainly to students coming from a not-so-stable socio economic background. Its not that we get stereotyped but mainly our students hail from a vernacular background. Hence teaching them their basics and educating them becomes a Herculean task. But every little progress we make is a celebration for us. Whether its our 10th consecutive cent percent passing results or the expansion of the school.

The rewards for a teacher transcend materialistic world. The student and teacher develop this emotional bond that makes this relationship extra special. What is prima is that in the course of studies and competition we do not let humanity fade into oblivion. We instill in them knowledge, civic sense, morals and self esteem so that they aren't just armed to face exams but are armed to face life. It is all about the right attitude and right frame of mind. With that we can go about our jobs without thinking of it as a "job" but more of as a passion. That way, the Guru-Shishya relation would come back to be enforced and not just remain a pre conceived notion.